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Short stories are like literary jelly beans: small enough to be enjoyed quickly, but not so big as to make you think "Ugh, I just ate a whole lot of sugar." That analogy lost it's way fast. Enjoy these short stories...

The Gardener

Kneeling in the flower bed, Amanda tore open the seed packet to reveal a single, small misshapen brown sphere. Turning the packet over, she read the hand written instructions on the back: "Plant deep. Water well..."

The Unfortunate Camera Phone

Tom was excited after buying his first camera phone. Unfortunately, as he would soon discover, learning to how to use it in the city park during lunch hour was probably a mistake.

Surprise at the ATM

I went to the bank today to see how much money I had in my long forgotten life savings...

I Like Potatoes

"I like potatoes," whispered the angry young man as he slowly heaved the sack of potatoes above his head, towering over the unconscious farmer before him...

The Jumper

What happens when an apparently simple ledge jumping doesn't go quiet as expected?

A Visit from the Fat Man

Once upon a time, there sat a very fat man atop a hill. He looked out toward the town lying below him and licked his lips hungrily...

Marta's Spaceship

Find out why Marta has a spaceship in her garage...

Movie Script: Attack of the Monster

What better way to break into Hollywood than with a good, tight script? Admittedly, this particular script is not a full length feature film quite yet, but I think from this compelling snippet you can see where we're taking it.

Eight Legs Waving

It was about a week after moving into my new apartment when I noticed a large spider living in my bathroom, and at our first meeting I tried to flush her down the toilet...

George vs the Door

"George looked at the door handle and licked his lips. He knew what was on the other side, and he could barely contain his excitement."

Scary Dating Stories
At some point in everyone's life, you end up dating a crazy person. Suzie was one such crazy person.

That Wacky Mantis Shrimp
After the movie Finding Nemo, many people may want to build a saltwater aquarium. But what dangers might such an aquarium pose to you?

The Epic of Larry
Finally a modern odyssey of drunkenness, sex and waffle breakfasts worthy of the ancient Greeks.

Dr Novo and the Hair Transplant
Thinking of getting a hair transplant? Be warned: tragedy can strike even with this seemingly benign operation.

How Michael almost learnt his purpose in life
What disturbing discoveries can be made at a doctor appointment?

Lucy wants sex
Note: this never happens to us in real life

Dog in the School
This is why our grade 2 teachers always locked us up when the local poodle trotted into school.

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