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When building a saltwater aquarium, it's often possible to find hidden creatures have arrived in your tank hidden deep in the imported tropical ocean rock. One of these unwanted hitchhikers is THE MANTIS SHRIMP. Also fondly known as "the human thumb splitter," this precocious little shrimp has razor sharp claws and a striking power equivalent to that of a .22 caliber bullet.

This ability to smash its way out of it's own aquarium, coupled with it's bad temperament, makes THE MANTIS SHRIMP one of nature's most deadly and vicious weapons.

One day, I discovered I had a Mantis Shrimp living in my tank.

 I named him Manty.

And then one morning, Manty escaped. This is his story...

8.06 am: Manty, having escaped his fish tank prison, charges across my bed in a bid for freedom. Unimpressed by the floral motif of my bedspread, he calls me a tacky troglodyte.

This just goes to show that in addition to razor sharp claws, the Mantis Shrimp is also armed with a razor sharp wit.


8.23 am: Stealing a motorbike, Manty's only goal was to cause terror on our roadways.

"Turn Signals" are just not in this little guy's vocabulary.


11.36 am: Here we see Manty traipsing across the southern English countryside, no doubt looking to destroy some historic European monuments.


12.11 pm: upon reflection, the decision to allow Manty to learn rocket science and construct his own interplanetary vehicle was unconsidered at best.


1.18 pm: Disaster almost strikes when Manty gains access to a time machine and travels back to the year 1896, where, in a fit of poor judgment, he destroys his future birth town, St. Louis.

Strangely, this has no effect on the time line.


3.58 pm: Still using the time machine, Manty proceeds to ruin art for everyone by demanding every great artist paint his likeness into their masterpieces.


8.39pm: After a hard days work, Manty takes in some questionable evening entertainment.

Good luck Manty, wherever you are!