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Eight Legs Waving

It was about a week after moving into my new apartment when I noticed a large spider living in my bathroom. It appeared shortly after I moved in, and at our first meeting I tried to flush it down the toilet. However it ran behind the toilet bowl (an area I fear to tread) and so escaped my attempts at squashing. A few days later, the spider reappeared, dangling from atop the mirror while I was brushing my teeth.

"Oh, it's you again, is it?" I asked.

She casually began to clean her fangs with her front two legs.

"You understand who you're dealing with? A human. Top of the food chain. You exist at my discretion"

She considered me with her eight eyes before scuttling off to the corner, leaving me to feel big for threatening something the size of a toenail.

This continued for some time. I'd be in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and the spider would appear and clean her face. When we were finished, I'd go back to my bedroom and she scuttle back to her hole in the wall.

However, after some time I'd noticed she was changing. She was arriving late, and when she did get there, she moved slower then she used to.

One day I was in my kitchen, when I saw a large black fly ambling across a counter top. I placed a glass over it and shook it around, stunning it. Then I took the fly up to the bathroom and dropped it in front of the spider's hole.

Later that night, I was brushing my teeth when I noticed two things: the fly was missing, and the spider was late. Just before I was finished, the spider came lumbering up onto the mirror and sat there, licking her lips.

"You're late," I pointed out.

She shrugged. I shrugged back.

"Well, see you tomorrow," I said, and left to get ready for bed.