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Surprise at the ATM

I went to check my bank account today. I have not looked at it for many, many years on account of not having had any spare money to save. So I went to the ATM to see how much my collective life savings were worth. I inserted my bank card, entered my pin, and ordered a printout. To my shock and awe, I saw on the piece of paper that I had, in fact, $4,300 in my account. This was perhaps the greatest single moment of my life. I was offering a silent thank you to my younger self for having the foresight to save so much birthday and Christmas money... when quietly, almost apologetically, the ATM printed up a second balance statement. I looked at the piece of paper in my hand with a slow, sinking feeling welling in my stomach. Indeed, there, above the $4,300, was printed a name that was not mine, belonging presumably to the woman who had just used the ATM before me.

I looked at the new print out, with the anticipation of a man who just lost $4,000, but stood potentially, to gain so much more.

It said $88 and 12 cents.

I considered this for a moment, and shrugged. I went to the nearest cashier and withdrew my life savings. And then I walked out the bank with a giant grin on my face.

Who would've thought I'd have 88 dollars to spend?