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» What is Rocketpack?

Rocketpack is a humor and creative writing website, featuring comedic short stories, essays, articles, rants, poetry and art.

We began in 2000 as a collaborative creative writing community with articles by a variety of writers, all working under the philosphy that writing for an audience is always more interesting than writing for your hard drive.

What are the different sections?

Articles, Essays and Rants– This is where almost everything goes. Mostly an excuse to complain about things.

Short Stories – We dig short stories. They’re perfect for people with short attention spans like us.

Poetry– Absolutely the least well thought out section of the site.

History of The Rocketpack Project

For a brief period in the year 2002 we evolved into erotic sci-fi fanfiction site featuring poorly written speculative stories about what would happen if the crew from SeaQuest DSV were to "get it on" with the crew from Stargate SG-1 . Due to popular demand, all copies of these semi-erotic, quasi-literate stories were destroy and Rocketpack has since returned to it's humorist roots.

Rocketpack is maintained and edited by Gavin Williams, who can be reached at gavin@rocketpack.org.