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Basic Situation: Dog in elementary school

Sam walking down school corridor, hears principle talking over the intercom

Intercom: Attention students this is your principle, there is a dog in the school, please clear the hallways and return to your classrooms.

Sam: Well, I better go back to class (hears screaming) No wait, that sounds like someone in trouble.

Runs around corner to see an angry looking dog circling the principle

Sam: Oh my god, itís the dog about to attack the principle.

Dog looks up at Sam and growls

Principle: Donít try and save me, this dog is insane. Run and save yourself.

Sam looks at exit.

Sam looks away from exit and starts walking toward dog.

Sam: No... I wonít leave. No dog is gonna take over my school.

The dog jumps at Sam and bites his arm off.

Sam: Bloody hell, he bit my arm off. Well I can still fight you with only one arm, dog!

Dog jumps up at Sam and bites other arm off.

More dogs enter.

Sam: Itís a pack of hungry dogs

Dogs back Sam into a corner

Sam: Iím trapped

Principle: Listen to me Sam, theyíre Long-nose Rottweilers! You can kill them if you knock their snouts off.

Sam: Of course! Their snouts. I may not have arms anymore, but I still have feet to kick with.

He kicks the all dogsí snouts off in a long fight sequence. The dogs fall to the floor dead.

Principle: Good work Sam, youíve saved us all. Youíll get a medal for this!

Sam: Iíd wonder if my arms can be sown back on?

They laugh.