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(Setting : Outside, in front of an apartment building door. Night time.)

LUCY: Would you like to come up for a nightcap?

RON: What time is it?

LUCY: Eleven thirty.

RON: Wow, thatís late.

LUCY: No itís not. The night is young!

RON: Iíve got work tomorrow

LUCY: Where do you work?

RON: The Archer Building, 43rd avenue. Itís a long journey from where I live, so I have to leave early to get there on time

LUCY: Well thatís great! 43rd avenue is just 5 minutes walk from here. You donít even have to go home.

RON: Where will I stay if I donít go home?

LUCY: My apartment.

RON: where will I sleep?

LUCY: We can make room for you.

RON: Iím ok, itís not too late, I can still make it home and have a good nights sleep.

LUCY: Donít be silly, Itís late, itís dark. How would I feel if you were mugged and killed on the way home? You must stay the night, for your own safety.

RON: Donít worry about me, I go to the gym every morning before work and then swim ten miles at the pool in the evenings.

LUCY: Oh... Really? (Smiles)

RON: Um. Do I smell like onions to you?

LUCY: Donít worry about it, I do too. We ate the same thing.

RON: Oh damn, I feel like an idiot.

LUCY: Whatís wrong?

RON: I forgot to give Whiskers some food before I left, heíll be hungry.

LUCY: You have a cat?

RON: Yeah, a Scandinavia Longhair Felix

LUCY: I havenít heard of that type before.

RON: Theyíre very rare. Get very angry when hungry.

LUCY: Me too.

RON: Huh?

LUCY: Oh I love cats, I have one upstairs. I call him Chairman Meow. Would you like to meet him?

RON: Well IĖ

LUCY: Marvellous! (Unlocks door to apartment, gently pushes RON in) Sheíll love to see you.

RON: "she?" I thought it was a "he.."

LUCY: (hurriedly) Yes yes, quite right. 

(Door shuts behind them. Lights Fade)

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