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oh, work,
I'm not a big fan.
I try to avoid it whenever I can.

But after I graduated,
I was feeling the crunch;
I was now having trouble
Paying for lunch.

So it was suddenly time
To make some real cash.
But nothing too hard,
(hard work gives me a rash)

I pounded the streets
Even though it was tiring,
When what should I see?
Why, Macdonalds was hiring!

I quickly walked in
And asked to apply,
"What are your qualifications?"
Came the manager's reply.

"I have a 4 year degree
in the field of Dramatic Arts.
Why, Theatre audiences tell me
I always capture their Hearts."

The manger, impressed
With my clever wordplay,
Pulled out an apron and said:
"Can you start today?"

I donned my new uniform
And went around back,
Where surrounded by food,
I made a quick snack.

The manager, unimpressed,
Told me to put on the fries.
I was quick to point out
Those go straight to my thighs.

My boss went red-faced
And began a tirade,
Claiming if I didn't work harder
I wouldn't get paid.

So I gritted my teeth
And burgers I flipped,
Whilst wondering how long
It would take to get tipped.

This went on for an hour
Or two or maybe four,
When it suddenly occurred to me:
This job was a bore!

I rolled my eyes
And said "what a chore,"
So I made one last Big Mac
And walked out the backdoor.

But now you may wonder,
How had I survived?
When clearly I was
Severely cash deprived.

Well thanks it part,
to my education in drama,
I found myself a saviour:
A hot, rich sugar mama