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Words of Brilliance:

By Hadrian Wickliffe

Romantic, Humorous, Eloquent, and  Profound: I am all these things.

Hadrian's Quotable's...

Imagination breeds failure.

Cannibals are like corporations, in so many ways.

I am filled with an untapped rage

I have yet to hear voices, but if I were to, I hope they will be friendly and give me useful advice.

The little people are taunting me again.

Why do I make bad things happen to good people?

Often, VIPs aren't very important at all, almost to the point of being NVIPs.. "Not" Very Important Persons!

Trust is often the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.. But not always!

You can't spell "Analysis" without "Analy"

If your coworker answers your question with another question, he doesn't know the answer to the first question. Unless he hates you.

Putting off 'til tomorrow what should be done today will result in more work tomorrow!

Love will result in failure.

Will pornography be the last Bastille of freedom?

Relax.. Aliens are no more real than pirates.

Why must passion always result in murder?

Sometimes I wonder if the president of America even went to school!

When I get married, it will be for love, not money, unless my prospective wife is very rich and old.


Copywrite 2000 by Hadrian Wickliffe!