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Contestant Application


First Name: Honkey

Last Name: McDoogle

Nickname (if any): Mr. Weepers


Gender (please circle): (M) / F

Age: 26               Date of Birth: February 14th '75

Marital Status / Significant Other: Single

If you have children, please list their names and ages:

None. (I hope not at least! haw haw! I'm a virgin)

What is your current occupation?

I sell donuts

In which other occupations, if any, have you been employed (please list the last three (3))?

Donut Supplier Shop (5 years)

Toys 'R' Us (2 years.)

Flower Mart (2 years)

What is your level of education and what school(s) did you attend?

I have a college degree in feminism

Name three of your favorite hobbies.
  1. Crying
  2. Writing Poetry
  3. Looking Through Windows
Not including your current place of residence, in which other cities and/or countries have you lived and for what period of time?



Have you been treated for any serious physical or mental illness(es) within the last three years? (YES) / NO

Please list any allergies you have ( medications, food, hay fever, dust, ect.) and your current treatment for them:

I am allergic to most animals


List three adjectives that best describe yourself:

  1. Hesitant
  2. Worrisome
  3. Reflective
If you could hold any political office, what would it be and why?

Princess of Hearts - because I cried when Princess Diana was killed. Plus, I have a genetic mutation whereby I was born with 2 hearts.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?

Have gone 10 years without a girlfriend

Do you have pets? If so, please list their name and type:

The squirrels in my garden are my subjects, and I am their King

Are you a vegetarian or do you eat meat?

What is your favorite TV Show?

Sailor Moon

What is your favorite movie?

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

What is your favorite music to listen to?

Goth Rock

Describe your perfect day:

Going to coffee bars and looking at people

What magazines do you read?

Gothic Quarterly

Do you belong to any affiliations or organizations?

I have been ejected from several poetry organizations for my radical viewpoints on poetry.

Do you have any body art ( piercing, tattoo, etc. )? If so, please describe:

I draw on myself

What is your favorite sport?

Woman's Tennis

Who is your hero and why?

Dracula - because he is a creature of the night, like me

List three (3) items you would take with you to Survivor II / Australia, if allowed and why?

Bongo Drums

Star Map


What would be the craziest, wildest thing you would do for a million dollars?


What would you NOT do for a million dollars?


What is your favorite topic of conversation at a dinner party? What topics are off limits?

On-Limits: Sex

Off-Limits: Sex

What skills do you bring to Survivor II / Australia that would make you a useful member of the group?

Will not hesitate to revert to cannibalism if the situation requires it

What types of people would you choose to have with you on Survivor II /Australia?

Female people

What types of people would you choose NOT to have with you on Survivor II /Australia?

People who find themselves funny

If you were stranded, who would you most want to be stranded with?

Someone just like me

What is your primary motivation for being on the show? What is your secondary motivation for being on the show?

Primary-Motivation: Lifelong ambition to be stranded in Australia

Secondary-Motivation: Desire to experience high temperatures and dust

If you saw Survivor I, which former contestant did you like the most? Why? Which contestant did you like the least? Why?

Liked-most: Rudy: gruff 

Liked-least: Susan: scary

Why do you believe that you could be the final Survivor?

Have read "Lord of the Flies" fifteen times