Rocketpack 2: Spider Show

Spiders are my personal hell. They're fast, have eight legs, and you can't see their eyes.. a bad combination for anything with fangs.

There's a spider trapped under a cup in my bathroom. I haven't had time to take it outside yet, but since it's right in the middle of the floor, I have to go out of my way to avoid kicking the cup over and releasing it into the house. I'd flush it down the toilet, but it's been imprinted into me since I was young that killing a spider is Very Bad Luck, so I always carefully throw them outside, even though they scare me.

So not wanting to let this spider die, every time I go to the bathroom I lift the cup up a fraction with my foot to give it some fresh air. And I know it's still alive because big spider legs come out from through the gap and wave around wildly as if to say "I'm soo gonna kick your ass when I get outa here, fool." That's the point where I yelp and run out the washroom.