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Drinking Poetry

Sweet Rum

Ah, sweet rum
from whence did you come?
Into my glass,
then into my tum.

I had a bad day,
but you’re my best friend.
Let’s hit the clubs,
and go on a bend.

Glass after glass,
of your sweet sweet taste.
You fill me with joy,
from my feet to my face.

All the cute women:
they’re looking at me,
it must be because
I’m so damn sexy.

I soon catch the eye,
of one comely chick
I arise from my chair
and give her a wink.

I stumble and belch,
and fall to the ground.
Projectile vomit
sprays all around.

My world goes dark
and the last thing I see,
is my good friend Rum,
waving at me.

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Copyright ©2005 Gavin Williams