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I was once told key to writing limericks is to use the word "once" in the opening line, and then think of as many words as possible that ryhme with 'vagina'. Here we go!


I once lived in a place called Regina
A city that rhymes with vagina
The city is boring
But it's worth touring
because it's a city that rhymes with vagina



I once was told of a man
Who sat for too long on the can
His legs turned blue
and he couldn't finish his poo
So from then on, he shat in a pan!



There once was a dog that was fluffy
And went by the name of Scruffy
His hot nextdoor neighbour
was a poodle named Taber
And before long, Scruffy had puppies!

(Which were subsiquently
turned into hats made
for the illegal South African
puppy fur trade)


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Copyright ©2005 Gavin Williams