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The Gopher
Type: vermin. Personality Trait: Passive-aggressive. Emotional State: annoyed
Coming above ground only occasionally to hurl insults at the outside world, this little fellow spends most of his time in his underground lair. No one quite knows what happens below the earth inside a gopher house, but many scientist suspect that it involves plenty of sin.
Favorite Food: dust. Y2K Readiness: poor. Weight Class: Featherweight.

The Deer
Personality Trait: Passive-abrasive. Religion: Agnostic.
Every once and a while a deer will wander into town and terrorize motorists with their disregard for the highway code. Horribly misjudging the driving abilities of humans, thousands are killed and stuffed every year.
Food: grass. Political Orientation: decidedly right-wing. Favorite Friend: Chandler.

The Snake

Personality trait: slippery-aggressive. Sounds like: Sssssssssss.
After getting off on the wrong foot with God in the garden of Eden, snakes now have to spend their time crawling across the planet on their stomachs looking for mice to swallow. Some of the smarter species of snake have been known to attack humans by wrapping themselves around the base of two trees and waiting for a victim to trip over them.
Poison: lots. Regrets: none

The Wasp
Personality Trait: Massive-aggressive. Fashion style: stripes.
How many a fine camping trip has been spoiled by the wasp? Unlike the noble Bumble-Bee, wasps don’t make any delicious honey for us to steal, yet, they also do not die after stinging their victim. An uneasy peace exists between the Bee and the Wasp, but this can’t last forever. When hostilities finally do break out between these two groups, pray that you are not caught in the middle.
Likes: Rotting fruit, quiet summer evenings. Dislikes: Rainy days, Oprah.