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Who Will Win? 3

Nature is vicious. However, it isn't always obvious who will win in a confrontation. Take the following quiz and try and guess who would be the victor. When you're finished, click the "What's my score?" button to find out how you did. (Previous editions: Who Will Win 1, Who Will Win 2)

Who will win?   

A Cute Bunny
A Cute Kitten

Who will win?   
Regular TV

Angry Sentient TV with Super Powers

Who will win?   

Boring Water
Refreshing Coke

Who will win?

The U.S. Olympic woman's beach volleyball team

Who will win?

Your sweet, loving girlfriend

Your ex-girlfriend, who's suddenly armed

Who will win?


Human Dimples
Robot Dimples

Who will win?

George W. Bush
  A Confused Puppet