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Advice for People

Starting College

or University

  By Gavin for Rocketpack

College can be an exciting and scary time in a young person's life. If you're feeling overwhelmed, feel free to take this handy advice...

Locate the washrooms on the first day, you'll be surprised by how often you'll be using them.

Drink plenty of alcohol to keep your beer levels up.

Are you a jock or a nerd? Decide before you start; you won’t get an opportunity to change later.

If you’re a boy and have a crush on some cute girl that doesn’t even know you exist, try dressing up as a female and moving into her dorm as her new roommate. She’ll develop a complex lesbian attraction to your new persona, which, for fear of revealing your true identity, you won’t be able to reciprocate. With hilarious results!

Hey fatty, try to get into a fraternity that mirrors your interests, such as Pi Kappa Fatty.

Pick classes you think look interesting for the first half of your degree, and then pick classes that look easy for the second half of your degree, so that way you can rebuild your GPA after failing all those interesting classes.

Start a band. This way you will have something to fall back on in case the whole “education” thing doesn’t work out.

The library? Who needs a library when you have an imagination.

Panty raids are childish and immature. Be a man and go buy your own.

Stressed? Sex relieves stress. Now whisper those words under your breath whenever you sit behind a hot guy or girl during an exam.

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