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Office Story #1

December 06, 2005

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I started office temp work for some corporations downtown recently. I haven't been doing it for very long, so some things are new to me. There are two things I've noticed:

#1: offices collect some odd characters.

#2: No matter what time of day it is.. everytime I go into the washroom, there's someone in there taking a dump.

I mentioned these observations to Tom, a coworker friend who's been doing this kind of temp work for several years now. He told me a story:

One time, Tom was in an office washroom, sitting in a stall having his daily company-funded bowel movement, when he heard someone else enter the toilets. Since this newcomer was using the urinal, Tom "paused his proceedings" out of politeness. But then he heard the sound of grunting and heavy breathing. Horrified by what image he might see should he leave the cubicle, he stayed put until the stranger left. Eventually, the stranger did indeed leave, and upon exiting the stall, Tom went to wash his hands... where he noticed what had been the cause of the grunting and deep breathing: laying there, in the middle of the basin of one of the urinals, was a large turd.

Posted by gavin on December 6, 2005 11:09 PM


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