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Let's talk Quantum Physics

July 23, 2005

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So it turns out that precocious little theory, known as Quantum Physics to it's friends, now dictates that were we to go back in time, we wouldn't be able to change anything if it has already been observed as happening in our present.

This is because once once something has been observed as occurring, its possibility of occurring then shrinks to one (ie: it will happen). In other words, If you've seen your neighbor's dog crapping on your lawn, you can't go back in time and stop him from doing it, because his pooping ways have been observed and therefor that brown patch on your grass is unfortunately guaranteed. However, if you suspect that your neighbor himself is crapping on your lawn, but you have no proof of this, then you may be able to go back in time and stop him, because his slightly-psychotic act hasn't been observed.

But you may be wondering, "Gavin, this is all very interesting, but what is its relevance in my everyday life?" Here's how this affects you and I:

Stop crapping on my goddamn lawn.

Posted by gavin on July 23, 2005 01:34 PM


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