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This digital clock made of paper is arousing me

June 16, 2005

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I just wet myself again. It's turning out to be a bad day for that. But I have a better reason for it now, look: A paper digital clock. Seriously, it's all flexable and everything. This rapid pace of technology is nothing short of amazing.

Hey, now could we make it so the clock in my computer doesn't drift by an hour a day, or that the automatic time syncing software that comes with windows XP could maybe get past my goddamn firewall? Hey, could we do that? You know, now that we're smart enough as a species to get paper to tell the time and all, how about we make it so that the clock in my taskbar doesn't insist on informing me that it's July 23rd, 1994 every morning when I wake up. I'm so angry I could wet myself.

Posted by gavin on June 16, 2005 02:54 PM


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