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Finger of God!

June 30, 2005

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Hey, remember that movie Twister? (It also went under the title "The Best Movie of 1996.")


Well, my favourite part in it was when the storm chasers are gathered around Aunt Meg's dinner table, heartily chatting about old times, when the conversation turns to how a twister's destructive power is based on it's Fujita-scale, like F1 and F2 and so on. And so, the naive city girl asks "Is there an F5? What would that be like?"

And then everyone goes quiet, and looks at each other like she's just asked about something really serious, and the fun party guy -- the guy who's usually really extroverted so now that he's gone solemn you know we're about to hear some profound stuff -- he whispers: "The Finger... of God!"


Ah, Finger of God. I wish I felt that strongly about absolutly anything in my life so that I could have that kind of profound revelation.

With God's digits in mind, here's a very cool short film clip of a twister forming and then terrorizing a small farmhouse.

Posted by gavin on June 30, 2005 06:38 PM


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