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September 18, 2002

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Today I went in to have my makeup done for the show Iím in. I needed it done this early for some photos that they took of me. Iíve never had this much makeup put on me before, as this character in this current play Iím in is described as being old and bald, both of which I currently am not.

For those interested, hereís how they turn you bald (without shaving your precious noggin): The makeup people take a bar a soap and rub it over the top of your head, whilst drying it with a hair dryer until it turns into a hard cake of thick soap. Then they cover the soap with a base colour to match your skin tone, after which they add lines to your face and head to make it look real and dimpled.

Within half an hour I got to see what Iíll look like 40 years from now. Wait, who are we kiddingÖ probably 5 years from now, tops.

On the plus side, after the initial shock, it turns out I looked pretty good as an old man. Thatís a relief.

Posted by gavin on September 18, 2002 11:42 PM

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